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PROGRAM: Results or money back

If you're not satisfied with the results, you receive every penny back guaranteed.


Why us?

Access to videos which will answer 90% of your questions. Keep your other 10% for direct contact with Andrei.


Value for money

Value for money is based not only on the minimum purchase price (economy) but also on the maximum efficiency and effectiveness of the purchase.

This program is not about changing your life, it is about changing your body while you keep living your life the way you want to.

Our programs are based on two elements: nutrition and training program. We provide you the tools to eat what you want while you are reaching your goals. In addition, our training program is based on your available equipment and it can guarantee results no matter if you have a home gym or a mat only.


The app incorporates all the information needed for you in order to progress as quickly as possible.


The app offers your daily calories which are matched to your weight loss or muscle mass gain.


Linear weight loss progress through AASPHYSICAL app.


The program includes:

  • 24/7 contact with Andrei
  • Weekly video feedback based on your nutrition and training
  • Training and food education
  • Access to AASPhysical app in order to track your progress

AASPhysical app incorporates:

  • New starter guidelines
  • Video demonstration of the exercises
  • Your individualised program
  • Nutrition goals
  • Body metrics (to track your progress)
  • Accountability and strategies (to increase your adherence)
  • Weekly check-in
  • Individual video feedback (to observe your weekly progress)
  • Coach contact

Results from our clients

(6 weeks to 3 months)

Training 3 times a week only
6 weeks progress

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