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Do not hesitate to book an online consultation through which we can together analyze in which Stage of Change you are in regards to healthy nutrition and training. From there we can decide what will best benefit you in order to smash your goals

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Every training program is tailored specifically to your needs and time availability. Also, AASPhysical Team will make sure that you progress, every training program being changed regularly and tests being performed to analyze the further steps towards achieving your goals.


Describes the ability to produce a high amount of force at a high velocity (strength and speed). Includes two main elements: plyometric exercises and Olympic weightlifting. These elements constitute advanced methods which can be addressed once the other factors have been optimized.


Refers to the degree to which an articulation can move before being restricted by surrounding tissue. It represents a crucial aspect which has to be addressed before starting a fitness program. Also, lack of physical activity and mobility impairments have been associated with increased risk of disability once the aging process develops.


Illustrates the range of motion created by muscles and connective tissue. This element is considered to be an important element in the recreational and therapeutic field. However, flexibility training (stretching) can reduce injury risk, relax hypertonic muscles, lengthen shortened tissue and help to improve faulty posture.


Describes a branch of fitness industry which is known as bodybuilding. Aesthetic is a philosophy with deals with the nature of art and beauty. However, bodybuilding emphasizes the use of progressive resistance exercise to control and develop body musculature.


Is the process of adopting long-term lifestyle modifications to maintain a healthy body weight, being divided in two main elements: healthy diet and physical activity.


Process specialized in resistance training which can increase overall strength, skeletal muscles and bone density. In addition, it represents a factor which could delay aging processes and its related aspects, such as osteoporosis.


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